Launching High Fashion Plus project

Our team is delighted to present the High Fashion Plus education project. Our project is focused on plus size women, designers, and stylists who are interested in high fashion plus size industry.

The aim of the project is the development of fashion for the plus size segment, which in our opinion is overlooked by high fashion, which makes it difficult for girls plus size to find really high-quality clothes.

We gathered leading professionals (designers, opinion leaders, bloggers, mentors etc.) in the fashion industry to create the independent Plus size blog to change the current situation in the fashion markets. High Fashion Plus is a project about the brave, confident women who inspire to be themselves.

We will present a number of materials in the education format, which will explain the Plus size audience how to choose the right clothes based on their figure type, which materials to pay attention to, and how to take care of clothes.

We would be contented for more fashion professionals and opinion leaders to take part in the project, as with your help, we will try to change the current situation regarding Plus size market.

So, if you want to contribute to the project – feel free to contact us.


Launching High Fashion Plus project
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