2 inspiring personalities of the plus size world

Many girls are daily criticized by society because of their forms, which do not correspond to generally accepted ideas. But, it is very important to realize that each of us is unique personally not to meet someone’s requirements, but simply to live and to be happy.

This is easily confirmed by an example of life. We know a very pretty girl, beautiful, inspired, sexy, but who hesitated to publish on Instagram and Facebook, just because she was afraid of severe comments on her shadow.

Recently, she decided again to overcome her fear and registered an account. Later, she was pleasantly surprised: in a few days, her profile gathered many friends and pleasant compliments from men. It’s like that, contrary to stereotypes.

Therefore, our High Fashion Plus educational project team published a small series of stories of 2 successful girls – models as well as fashion size industry.

These brave women broke all stereotypes, by changing the standards of the world of high couture. They taught everyone to love their bodies as they are.

Jessica Leahy
Jessica Leahy is an Australian supermodel who took her first steps during the Fashion Week in New York. She had never dreamed of a career in the modeling industry and was one of those women who love and appreciate their bodies as they are. She sincerely believes in the need of giving an open speech on different ways of promoting self-love in society and supporting the positive movement of the body.

Ashley Ann Graham
Supermodel, who managed to become the first plus size model, appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated. The photo session was a tremendous success, and after this project the girl received several large orders at once. She started for such well-known magazines as Vogue, British Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and was featured on Vogue’s list of ’30 under 30.
In 2016 she made her entrance in the top ’25 of Most Intriguing People ‘.
Now she has passed to another level by writing a book called ‘What Confidence, Beauty, And Power Really Look Like’. This bright personality inspires, doesn’t it?

2 inspiring personalities of the plus size world
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