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Welcome to

High Fashion Plus

ultimate destination for no size fashion elite.

Who we are:

Your source of information about all size fashion.
Your community that understands the beauty of high fashion.
High Fashion Plus doesn’t want to hear anymore the words “Sorry, we don’t have that size…”.

What we do:

Developing the idea that the High Fashion has No Size: “the fit and the look” is the most important to be beautiful and trendy.
We are organizers of alternative Fashion Shows and Events in order to support colleagues with the same philosophies: Plus Size Fashion, Sustainable Fashion, Fashion has no size concepts…
Providing You only the best quality information: with us You can find useful fashion tips, advice of experienced stylists to build your look, reviews of fashion trends etc.
Our mission is to help women look and feel beautiful, because we know that a beautiful woman is a self-confident, strong and happy woman. And what makes the woman more beautiful? Let’s figure out altogether!
Creative photo & video projects to illustrate the NO SIZE LIMITED Ideology, in order to inspire our community.

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